Monday, December 28, 2009

The Story Behind Your Biker Nickname

To me, a good biker nickname is one that everyone uses, as well as the story of how you got that nickname. You can never get a good nickname if it's rushed.

There are some guys in my circle of friends who are always called by their nickname. It's so much so, that it feels awkward to call them by the real name. And then there are guys who are rarely called by their nicknames. There's just no rhyme or reason why one nickname sticks and the other doesn't.

But here are some observations of I collected from the group...

1. Only give out your nickname - If you want your nickname to stick, then always introduce yourself with your nickname. Don't give out your real name. People who just now met you will have no choice but to call you that, and refer to you with that name when talking to others. That's probably the best way to make a nickname a stick.

2. Two or more people with the same name - If there are two or more people named Mike in your group of friends, it creates a scenario where one or both Mikes get called by their nickname.

3. No more than two syllables - Nicknames seem to stick better when they're short. Two syllables or less is good.

4. Popular names - If you have a popular real name (ie: Mike, Dave, Scott, Tom, John), you have a better chance of having your nickname stick. People with less common real names tend to be always called by that name.

So how does one come up with a good biker nickname?

It seems just about anything can stick, if the situation calls for it.

I remember reading through the newspaper one day, and saw an obituary for a biker who's name was "Picnic Table". You wonder what the story was behind that. I thought that was a cool name.

But don't rush to come up with a nickname. Let time go by, and somewhere along the way, the moment will arrive. Sometimes it's the story of how you got your nickname that makes it such a good name.

Once that moment arrives, and you have a good nickname, then only give out that nickname to everyone you meet. It'll stick that way.

Mine is Dually......a buddy of mine who owned a pizza place when I was kid always called me this because I always drove a dually stuck ever since! A bit boring but I'm stuck with it for life.....could be worse!

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